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History: Those Who Came Before

Lifeways: Living with the Land

Public Lands: The Big Backyard

Nature: Changing Lands

Resources: Bountiful Lands

Geography of Freedom Gallery
Great quotations, great pictures, great public lands.

Public Lands Timeline
Great moments in public lands history.

Geo Action

PLIC Museum


Geography of Freedom Slideshow: History of Public Lands
The Geography of Freedom, funded by the New Mexico Humanities Council, explores the history of public lands from colonial times to the present. The slideshow also contains an interactive timeline.
  Click to open Geography of Freedom slideshow--
Enjoying the view can be romantic in the Dixie National Forest

Conservation: Return of the Horse
Wild horses & burros, the spirit of the west.
  Wild Horse & Burro exhibit--

Conservation: Saving the Condor
Condor reintroduction in California and Arizona.
  Condor exhibit--
One of a handful of surviving California condors.

Those Who Came Before: Lake Valley
Brief history of the Lake Valley, NM ghost town.
  Lake Valley Exhibit--
One of the many ruined houses in the Lake Valley ghost town

Those Who Came Before: Spanish Explorers
Spanish explorations and colonies in the United States
  Spanish Exploration exhibit--
San Xavier del Bac Mission, built near the Presidio of Tuscon.

The Big Backyard: the Gila Wilderness
Gila Wilderness and the history of the wilderness movement.
   Gila Wilderness exhibit--
Ponderosa pine in the Gila Wilderness

The Big Backyard: National Landscape Conservation System
A choice sampling of the BLM's most special places.
  National Landscape Conservation System--
Wild and Scenic Upper Missouri River, Montana

The Big Backyard: State Trust Lands
The history and benefits of state trust lands.
  State Lands exhibit--
Bobcats frequent the desert lands of New Mexico, but glimpsing one in the wild is rare

Living with the Land: Ranching
Cattle ranching past and present.
  Cattle Ranching exhibit--
Cattle grazing rangelands near Price, Utah

Changing Lands: Wildfire
Wildfire prevention and management.
   Wildfire exhibit--
Fighting fire in the Ashley National Forest

Changing Lands: Making a Science of the Land
US Geological Survey studies the environment, natural resources, and natural hazards.
  USGS exhibit--
USGS information on natural hazards is helping society solve many of today's pressing issues.

Bountiful Lands: Fishlake National Forest
ATV use on the Fishlake National Forest.
  Fishlake National Forest exhibit--
Snow flurry falls as Jan checks out the ATVs

Bountiful Lands: Power from Public Lands
Public lands provide about one third of our energy needs.
  Energy exhibit--
The Alaska Pipeline, which brings about 17% of our oil down to the lower 48

Geography of Freedom Gallery
Great quotations, great pictures, great public lands.
   Gallery --

Public Lands Timeline
Great moments in public lands history.


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