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Team: North
Charlie Thorpe
Friday, August 2
A real dinner at last!
This morning we woke up to mist on the lake. It was really early before we left and we couldn't see anything around us. As we started hiking higher in elevation, the clouds began to burn it looked very mystical. We gained 2300 feet in the day, and we got the top of the Ptarmigan Tunnel there stone wall created in the late 1930s that was still there.

As we still climbed higher, our guide told us stories of how the last time he was in the tunnel he saw a bear. It scared us all....

We are all the immune to DEET.
We met tons of people on the trail. Most of whom gave us food, since we miscalculated how much food we would need. This was a shakedown hike to figure out what we really needed.

Coming down into the Many Glaciers Campground we hiked through again, tons of wildflowers along the Ptarmigan Falls and Ptarmigan Creek.
We passed multiple day users hiking up to the tunnel and back or creek.

We were met by Charlie and Stephen and a real dinner. We get to see all the others team members (Paul, Ravi, and Stephen) tomorrow and head out on a 13-mile hike with day packs. We are looking forward to a home-cooked feast in Dutch Ovens tommorow night.
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Team: North
Charlie Thorpe
Charlie discovers that the National Geographic tent makes a convenient outdoor office

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Thursday, August 1
Charlie Thorpe
Backpacking through Glacier National Park
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Wednesday, July 31
Charlie Thorpe
Kicking off the Trek in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park
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