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Lesson Plans

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 Educational Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans: American Trail System
Grade Level 4-8
Students research long distance trails, then develop an ad promoting the trail.
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (108k)--

Lesson Plan: Backyard Habitats
Grade level 4-8
This lesson introduces students to the concept that a habitat can be in their own backyards.
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (108k)--

Lesson Plan: Desert Habitat
Grade Level K-2
Project teaches students about many different animals that live in deserts.
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (77k)--

Lesson Plan: Habitat Cards
Grades 7-12
Students gain understanding of interconnectedness of ecosystems and habitats by experimenting with possible relationships.
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (95k)--

Lesson Plan: Impact of Mulitple Uses
Grades 7-12.
This classroom exercise focuses students’ attention on multiple land uses
and encourages them to evaluate the effects of each use on all other uses.
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (71k)--
  Download Multiple Use Matrix as PDF (39k)--

Lesson Plan: Postcards from the Edge
Grade Level 4-8
Students learn about endangered species in their state and why they should be protected.
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (107k)--

Lesson Plan: Public Lands Superheros
Grade Level 4-8
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (124k)--

Lesson Plan: Wetland Habitat
Grade Level – K-2
  Download Wetland Habitat Lesson (81k)--

Lesson Plan: Your Own Land
Grade Level – K-2
  Download Lesson Plan as PDF (87k)--


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