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Monday, August 12, 2002
Walk Across America But Only on Public Land
Walk across America, but only on public land

St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN)
Page 4E
(c) Copyright 2002, St Paul Pioneer Press. All Rights Reserved.
Hey, let's take a walk.
You start at the Canadian border in Montana's Glacier National Park. I'll start at the Mexican border in southern New Mexico. We'll meet in Salt Lake City.
Are you game?
Sounds daunting, doesn't it? But that's what two teams are doing in a cross-country journey on foot (mostly), horseback, boats and even in a motor vehicle or two for tougher sections.
But they'll never set foot on private property. This trek across the western United States will be on public lands, with all routes cutting through national parks, forests, monuments, state parks or U.S. Bureau of Land Management property.
Track their progress online. The American Frontiers site will feature daily dispatches, with photos and detailed maps, as well as information on the travelers and the places they're visiting.
Team North is now deep in the Rocky Mountains, scaling the foothills of some spectacular peaks, breathing in the scent of pine trees, and keeping an eye out for grizzly bears.
Team South is desert-bound, with their hiking boots sinking into the sand, admiring cacti and rock formations, and seeing little life save for an occasional lizard.
Hang with Team North and you'll meet Charlotte Talley, a South Carolina park ranger who has biked across the country.
Dana Bell is an expert on off-road vehicles, especially motorcycles. Mike Murphy is a California teacher and backpacker. Rob Carlo is a New York City firefighter who lost his brother on Sept. 11.
The southern crew features a nurse, a teacher, a scuba diver and a kayaker.
Each of the team members provides a journal entry on an almost daily basis, as do some of the backup travelers, and those who support them with food, medical and Web assistance.
So join the journey. See you in Salt Lake.
Cyber Kids Sleuth of the Week: Congratulations to Ben Knuth, 12, of St. Paul, who visited and found that the humerus is better known as the funny bone. For his anatomical acumen, Ben will receive the "MLB 2003" PlayStation game.
This week's question: What's the name of the park where the two teams are meeting? Find the answer on this week's site, then e-mail it, along with your name, age and city, to You may win a prize.

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