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Team: North
Bob Van Deven
Bob Van Deven

Bob Van Deven

Bob Van Deven

Bob Van Deven

PR/Media/Special Events Coordinator/1st Alternate. Bob Van Deven is a naturalist from Arizona.

****2004 UPDATE****

A career change was on the mind of Bob Van Deven, Media and Special Events Coordinator and First Alternate on the North Team, from Tucson, Arizona, when he returned from American Frontiers. “Shortly after returning from the American Frontiers journey I enrolled at the University of Arizona in their Science Teaching Program. Before the journey I was a hiking guide and while I cannot say that the journey itself was the sole motivation for this change, I can say that it emphasized, in my mind, the need for biology education as opposed to the type of ‘infotainment’ I would normally dispense on the trail. In 18 months I should be working as a high school or middle school biology teacher and I plan to use my American Frontiers experience in the classroom.”

“In addition,” he continued, “the journey helped me decide to pursue photography as a serious avocation, one which might eventually even pay for itself. America’s public lands are so vast and diverse, I couldn’t help but feel that there would always be enough subject matter and inspiration to draw me outside. Watching the fog clear from Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, seeing buffalo graze near Old Faithful [Yellowstone National Park], hiking through the Wyoming Range – these experiences convinced me that the beauty of public lands should be shared and that people wanted, maybe even needed, to see images of these things.”

Van Deven, along with Cathy Kiffe, Dave Mensing, Jan Nesset and Earth Analytic President Wetherbee Dorshow, spoke at the Association of Partners for Public Lands Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in February 2003. “The journey is just one facet of America’s long relationship with public lands,” he said, “and in itself I don’t think it could or ever can determine how we choose to use – or not use – these lands. Yet the information, the videos, the pictures, and the stories will always be there for anyone who wants to demonstrate just what is out there, and why it’s important.”

A soulful journal entry by Van Deven was published in the Fall 2002 issue of the Illinois Geography Alliance newsletter, pp. 8-9, the same publication in which North Team’s Robert “Bob” Ashley shares with readers his American Frontiers’ reflections and a heart-warming teaching story, pp. 2 and 5 (

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