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Catherine Kiffe
A new look for the teachers lounge: Cathy K gets suited up to go riding the dual-sport motorcycles.

A new look for the teachers lounge: Cathy K gets suited up to go riding the dual-sport motorcycles.
Courtesy Antal Maurer

Cathy is a Homebound Teacher for students in grades Kindergarten through 12, who are unable to attend school for medical reasons. At 52, her adventures include being the mother of four grown sons, a book illustrator and participating in educational projects at NASA's Stennis Space Center, The Smithsonian Institute and National Geographic Alliance Advanced Institutes such Leadership Training in Washington, D.C. and a two week study in the Yucatan. She has been a presenter for educational topics at national and state conferences.

It is Cathy’s desire to share her love of the land with as many people as possible. She feels this can be done in the educational opportunities provided in this program for students and their families across America.

Cathy says about American Frontiers: "It is an honor to be a part of such a truly unique and exciting adventure as American Frontiers: A Public Lands Journey. Having personally experienced reflection, healing and renewal in public lands, I understand that to experience the land is to be a part of the land, and to experience the land is to leave part of ourselves with the land. Each person having that experience is never the same again, always richer than before."
****2004 UPDATE****

Cathy Kiffe loves teaching. Recently she accepted a position as a learning center director of a prestigious private school in her hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. In part, she said in a journal entry on the American Frontiers’ website, because she no longer felt the requirement to feel “safe” in her position as a homeschool teacher. “I accepted after a two-hour tour of the precious campus – cabins under hundred-year-old oak trees on a former sugar cane plantation. The clincher? They have an Outing Club – monthly canoe and camping trips and a week-long hiking, camping trip to North Carolina. SIGN ME UP! After all, what am I looking for, safety or discovery?”

Why the change? “I am not the same person, in some sense, who left on the American Frontiers Journey a year ago,” she said. “I have not only a heightened awareness of the diversity of public lands, their uses and the people that work and play on them, but a heightened awareness of who I am in relationship to the land, and the uses and the people that work and play on them. I am more comfortable taking risks, stretching beyond the comfort zone, more willing to experience surprises throughout life.”

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