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Jan Nesset
An experienced outdoorsman, Jan Nesset knows that everyone has to pitch in at camp

An experienced outdoorsman, Jan Nesset knows that everyone has to pitch in at camp
Courtesy Vipul Lakhani

Jan Nesset

Jan Nesset

A native of Montana and the third of four children, Jan Nesset joins American Frontiers: A Public Lands Journey from Colorado, where he lives with his wife, Christina, in Durango, an idyllic spot between mountains and desert.

From the plains of eastern Montana, Nesset made a steady migration west until eventually he ran out of continent. In the mid-1980s, with $200 in his pocket and no prospects, he landed in the Aleutian Islands where he lived the fantasy of high adventure as a Bering Sea fisherman, an event that forever burned a love of natural wildness into his heart ó and an itch into his feet.

Over the next decade, Nesset made regular forays into wilderness at home and abroad, sustaining himself by seasonal work as a Forest Service wilderness ranger, crewing on boats, lobster fishing, working in shipyards, editing publications, surveying mountains, writing freelance articles, and producing documentary videos.

Later, as an editor, he drew on his passion for the outdoors to lead Canoe & Kayak magazine, a top paddlesports publication, into the 21st century through rough changes and growth. The magazine emerged strong, winning coveted awards.

He holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana and a certificate in Documentary Video Production from the
University of Washington.

Nesset continues to use his writing skills on magazine freelance projects. Of course, outdoor and life stories are his writing specialty.

Nessetís interest in participating in American Frontiers: Public Lands Journey is in part for the adventure and in part
for the opportunity to share ideas and opinions of how public
lands affect our lives. Jan says about American Frontiers: "Being chosen as a Journey team member is nothing short of an opportunity of a lifetime."

****2004 UPDATE****

Jan Nesset introduced to the world The Public Lands Baby, Silva Heidi Nesset, on June 20, 2003, nine months to the day of the final day of the American Frontiers Journey.

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