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Team: South
Kay Gandy
Kay Gandy linedancing.

Kay Gandy linedancing.

Education Outreach Coordinator/Teacher Alternate. Kay Gandy is a teacher from West Monroe, Louisiana, with twenty-six years of teaching experience in gradesK, 1, 5, and 6. Kay received her doctorate while on the trek and celebrated the event with Team South. Kay has modeled lessons for teachers all over the United States, Vancouver, B.C., and Auckland, New Zeland. She is also a teacher consultant with the Louisiana Geography Education Alliance.

"I want to share the excitement I feel about geography with students and teachers everywhere," Kay says. "This Trek will be an opportunity for me to become more aware of my national inheritance. As a teacher, I can share this knowledge with my students. As a teacher consultant, I can share it with other teachers at professional conferences."

****2004 UPDATE****
“The experience completely changed my life,” reports Dr. Kay Gandy, a National Geographic Geography Alliance Teacher and Second Teacher Alternate on the South Team. Gandy was awarded her doctorate in education while on the American Frontiers trek. Soon after arriving home, in addition to speaking at two national conferences, she was invited to appear on a morning talk show in her hometown in Louisiana to talk about her experience. “The show received so many comments that they aired it again.”

Gandy, a talented singer and songwriter who penned the American Frontiers theme song, “The American Frontiers Blues,” recently moved from Louisiana to Kentucky to begin her new professorship at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. She has also made a vocation of resisting any recovery from her public lands’ bug bite. “The first thing I did when I got back home was order a real tent (one I can sit up in and not have to lay down to change clothing). I did choose the Kentucky area for my new job because of the national and state parks nearby. I had an offer in Western Illinois but there’s nothing there except farmland.”

Prior to starting her new job, Gandy was accepted to the Fulbright-Hayes Seminars Abroad Program sponsored by the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she enjoyed yet another adventure under the auspices of attending classes. “While in South Africa we were at Cape Point and climbing down rocks to get to the Jackass Penguins (that’s their real name). I was leaping from rock to rock and looked back to see all the women sitting down and gingerly sliding their feet down to the next rock carefully moving step by step to the bottom. I thought to myself, that was me before the trek and my great training from trek team leader Jan Nesset.”

And she’s rarin’ to go. “I know I am a better person from having the experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to join another expedition. Now as a professor that trains teachers how to teach Social Studies I have many opportunities to encourage teachers to use public lands in their classrooms.”

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Kay Gandy
Team: South
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