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Team: North
Paul Bucca
Food and Beverage Manager. Paul Bucca is a retired oceanographer from Alabama.

****2004 Update****

North Team members shared many special moments at the dinner table, or mossy log as it were. Those special moments were at the hands of North Team Cook Paul Bucca, a retired oceanographer from Alabama. Bucca admits that as someone who resides in the eastern United States he was one of the ignorant millions who, prior to American Frontiers, had no idea how much land was in the public domain. Now that he has his new perspective, with it comes an appreciation of the people who work for public lands. “This great experience has revealed how dedicated the various federal officials are to their stewardship of the public lands. Many hours are worked without compensation and those hours worked with compensation are certainly underpaid hours.”

“In addition,” Bucca continued, “I can more readily see how everyone who treads on our lands must be a steward of them. This is the only way such fragile environments can be preserved for our successors.”

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Paul Bucca
Team: North
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