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Team: South
Sam Altman
Food and Beverage Manager.

Sam was born in Louisville , Kentucky and attended St Agnes Grade School, then Sacred Heart Academy. She is the 4th of 6 children to Frank and Irene Clifford. During her pre-college years our family was in constant motion loving outdoor activities. One of her fondest memories is of our visits to Bernheim Forest just south of Louisville. She then attended University of Cincinnati just 100 miles North and received a BS in Design. In the years to come she developed her promotional skills, which spun off to marketing, promotion and organizational jobs. Sam would choose to take a job on the road because of the thrill of being outside. As is said, just move and the view changes !

Sam signed up to be the Food & Beverage Manager for Team South just in time to enjoy the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. Have fun, Sam!

****2004 UPDATE****

Sam Altman, the South Team’s Food and Beverage Manager, joined the American Frontiers journey just in time to enjoy Arizona’s Grand Canyon. “The trek made a great impact on my life! After the time spent on the trek my thoughts were of trying to figure out how I could talk large companies into paying for one month for each employee to travel and see some of the public lands we saw. I feel strongly about all Americans learning about our land by being there – in the present – and experiencing it with their families.

I have always felt that the corporation/business/work, etc. are to blame for the demise of the family unit. They have insisted that employees worship them as golden gods which leaves little room for relationships with their loved ones. If a company would take the initiative and put in their package of benefits – ‘If you work for us we will send you and your family on a one-month trek to public lands as your first month training’ – this could be a signing bonus ! (Whoa…imagine that idea!) I have been suggesting this idea to just about everyone I talk to…plus I recently decided that it would be great material in a classroom so I applied for a substitute teaching position which is something I have never done before.”

Altman, who shares with Ron Monnig a lake home in Kentucky where they tend the infamous American Frontiers’ duo Scottie and Keypur (Scottish Terriers better known to the South Team as Yip and Yap), had limited knowledge of the extent of public lands before the American Frontiers’ experience. “I had no idea that there was so much. Is that because it takes so much time to really find it, see it, smell it and Americans just don’t have the time? The change is that I will take the time and will focus on the challenge to experience more Public Lands.”

In tune with her perception of the burden of the American worker, Altman said that the trek was a great success because “in this day it is rare for people in America to take time off, come together with so little known about a project, and finish the project without quitting.” Furthermore, said Altman, “American Frontiers was successful because everyone came away with a different story and is spreading it. Others are beginning to feel that it is important to save the land and work with others to spread the word. The American Frontier Journey did a great job of promoting the idea.”

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Sam Altman
Team: South
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Thursday, September 19
Sam Altman
Team: South
Richfield, UT...“… and here in the land of ATVs is quite the Jamboree…”
The Trekers are on the mountains on their Honda ATVs and I am...
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Wednesday, September 18
Sam Altman
Team: South
Calf Creek…to Capitol Reef…to Fishlake
Sept 14-18Over the last few days we have seen all types of terrain...
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