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Itinerary Info for: Friday, September 27
Team: North
Pine Valley Campground in Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Utah
Public Lands: National Forest
Mode of Transportation: hike4wheel
Total Route Miles: 75 miles
Description: Quarter Corner Lake Campground to Pine Valley Campground. The team will travel down the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway and camp in the Pine Valley Campground, and have a "meeting of the teams" celebration.

4 Wheel Drive 25 miles
Hike 1 mile
Backpacking Trip (2 days) 13 miles X-Country: 2 miles
4 Wheel Drive 37 miles
Hike 1 mile

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  Pine Valley Campground with area recreation map--
Media Opp: YES
for Friday, September 27
North South Both

Public Lands:
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Team: North
Team North, Meet Team South
Today's the day that the two teams finally see each other again, for the first time since July 27, when they parted ways in Salt Lake City. Each team has seen its own share of struggles, hard days, and magnificent public lands. And each team knows quite...
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