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Team: South
Sunday, August 4, 2002
Strapping on the Packs & Heading into the Mountains
Team South trekkers (plus Jake, Jessica, and Vipul) are balling up their wooly socks in their packs & hefting them on for a 2-night trip through the Mimbres Mountains of the Gila National Forest. They're climbing throught the outer foothills, toward the larger peaks of the Black Range, where they'll meet the support crew at Emory Pass.

They'll pass out of the sunny desert into the welcome, cool shade of the ponderosa pines that cover the heights of the Gila. These forests also shelter abundant wildlife, from elk and deer to black bears, coatimundi, and Mexican wolves, which are being reintroduced after being extirpated in the 20th century by ranchers and farmers. As Team South passes through this forest, they may meet some of these wild creatures, although some, like the mountain lion, are very shy and are rarely spotted.
for Sunday, August 4
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