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Team: South
Monday, August 26, 2002
Home on the Range
Team South spends all day today on the checkerboarded state lands within the CO Bar Ranch, operated since the 1880s by the Babbit family (as in former Secretary of Interior Bruce). The CO Bar is a prime example of a ranching family that has stayed in harmony with the land over more than a century of raising livestock on this arid plateau.

The team will enjoy a presentation about modern life in the west as well as a delicious barbeque. On the CO Bar, cowboys work the herds from horseback, much as did their forbears 120 years ago. Home on the range is the bunk house, bedroll, and chuck wagon. Recitals of poems and tall stories are told during the spring branding and fall gatherings.... and when the American Frontiers team comes through.
for Monday, August 26
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