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Team: South
Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Navigating the Checkerboard
It's a good thing no horses stepped on Team South's GPS devices, because they'll need them today! The trekkers are zig-zagging across state lands interspersed with the private land (literally in a checkerboard pattern) on the CO Bar Ranch, and they'll need all the help the Tech Team can give them to stay on public lands.

State trust lands comprise about 1/16th of the land in some western states. They were placed in the public domain to generate funds for the schools and for other public needs. In several cases (as in this one), they are leased by the adjacent property holders for grazing lands. This means there is often no public access to these lands without getting permission to cross the adjoining private land. Fortunately, the Babbitt family, who runs the CO Bar, has generously granted American Frontiers permission to travel and camp on the lands within their ranch.
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