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Team: North
Saturday, August 31, 2002
Backpacking through the Targhee
Trekkers from Team North are hoisting on their packs today & heading off into the backcountry of the Targhee National Forest in Idaho. They will be navigating through the Centennial Mountains, one of the least-visited areas in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The Centennial Mountains contain a patchwork of ecosystems and vegetation, including an abundance of mountain wildflowers. Wildlife, too, is abundant, including moose, deer, elk, bear, and eagles.Grizzly bears have been sighted in recent years, and there is a possiblility of encounters. Fishing can be quite good in the high mountain lakes. The Teton Range in the south, and the Gravelly Range to the north are visible from many points along the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, which is the primary east-west trail.
for Saturday, August 31
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