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Team: South
Saturday, August 31, 2002
Grand Canyon National Park
The dizzying view down the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River.

The dizzying view down the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River.
Courtesy Lorie McGraw

Grand Canyon at sunset.

Grand Canyon at sunset.
Courtesy Lorie McGraw

Team South members continue this morning, following the Tanner Trail as it switchbacks down the Redwall formation. Below the Redwall the trail cuts through the Bright Angel shale then follows a ridge until gradually descending to the bed of Tanner Canyon near the Colorado River. The trekkers have been in the sun all morning and the shade cast by riverside bushes is most welcome. Here, by the big eddy backed up behind Tanner Rapid, they will wait for the Hatch River Expeditions raft.

When the raft arrives, the passengers will include PLIA's Executive Director Lisa D. Madsen, team leader Bob Hammond, trekker Julie Overbough whose bad knees prevented her from hiking down, Dennis Lund who has done so much logistical work on the southern route, and two representatives from Honda.

Camp this evening is just about four miles downriver, at the broad delta of Unkar Creek. Between A. D. 900 and 1140, the delta supported perhaps as many as 40 Anasazi families, ancestors of today's Pueblo Indians. They constructed a number of structures which faced a kiva (an underground chambner used for religious purposes) and built stone retaining walls around their garden plots where they raised corn. Drought eventually forced the Anasazi to abandon the Canyon.
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