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Team: South
Monday, September 2, 2002
Grand Canyon National Park
Members of Team South start on their 14 mile-long hike to the North Rim this morning. The North Kaibab Trail follows Bright Angel Creek for the first nine miles, gently gaining in elevation. It is a pleasant hike in the early morning hours. At mile 6 a spur trail leads to Ribbon Falls a short distance away.

At the junction of Bright Angel and Roading Springs canyons the trail leaves Bright Angel Creek. Here the hilkers will meet Kay Gandy who rode a mule down earlier in the morning. Kay, Julie, and Kathy will ride mules the rest of the way to the top while the other hikers will tackle the remaining steep, five miles to the rim.

Like the Tanner, the North Kaibab Trail too, was originally an Indian route into the Canyon. It was improved by Francois Matthes when he first mapped the Grand Canyon in 1902 and further improved in 1903 by Davis Rust who built a tourist camp at trhe mouth of Bright Angel Creek.

When the hikers reach the North Rim, they will be two thousand feet higher than where they started at the Tanner trailhead on the South Rim. Stopping at the imposing Kaibab Lodge, they may even treat themselves to a cold drink and sit on the flagstone terrace, for a last view of the Grand Canyon.
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