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Team: North
Wednesday, September 11, 2002
Celebrating America in the Snake River Range
Team North is backpacking through the mountains south of Jackson today, and like the rest of the country, will be contemplating the events of the last year. They will certainly be thinking particularly of Team North's Rob Carlo, who has returned to New York to spend the day with his mother. Rob is a New York city fireman who lost his brother in the World Trade Center last year. Both teams will be displaying American flags which flew over the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

The trekkers have gotten a new perspective on their country this summer, as they have begun to comprehend the outstanding national treasure of our vast holdings of public lands. As the trekkers have seen, these lands fuel our lives with their resources as well as enriching our souls with their natural beauty and solitude. Today, they'll be hiking under clear autumn skies, through near-pristine forest lands, where the mountains are slashed by streams of pure water, and the trees grow tall and proud. It is lands like these which are our country's proudest heritage, and we bet a week's wages that the team will not be able to refrain from breaking into "America the Beautiful" at least once today.
for Wednesday, September 11
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